Dress Code

 BWDSB Student Dress Code
Students must wear clothing, accessories, and shoes that are suitable for the BWDSB environment2 and that meet the following expectations.
3.1.1 Dress will:
i) comply with health and safety requirements for the intended activity, including appropriate footwear (e.g., physical education classes, swimming classes (see (ii)), science classes, sporting events, technical education, etc.);
ii) Swimwear of any type may only be worn if required for the intended activity (see 3.1.1 (i)), and would not be appropriate as outerwear in any other circumstance;
iii) respect the board’s intent to sustain a community that is positive, anti-oppressive, equitable, accepting, and inclusive of a diverse range of social and cultural identities;
iv) not promote content that can reasonably be interpreted to be discriminatory, defamatory, threatening, lewd, vulgar, obscene, promoting hate, profanity, pornography, or any other content that disrupts the learning environment;
v) not refer to tobacco, cannabis, alcohol, drugs or related paraphernalia, promotion or incitement of violence or harassment, any illegal conduct, profanity, pornography, or criminal activities, or depict or display hate speech; and
vi) not interfere with the safe operation of the school.
3.1.2 Clothing will be worn in such a way to cover the groin, nipples, and buttocks with material that is not see-through/transparent.
3.1.3 Clothing may expose shoulders, abdomen, neck lines, legs, thighs, and hips.
3.1.4 Underwear cannot be used as outerwear and should be worn beneath a layer of outerwear. Straps and waistbands may be exposed.
3.1.5 Headwear that is worn for the purpose of religious observance may obscure the face.
All other headwear may be worn as long as it does not obscure the face.

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